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Ryan Angga Pratama1 1Mathematics Education Lecturer, University of Balikpapan ryan.angga@uniba-bpn.ac.id



GAMBAR (Game Aljabar) is education game with the content are quiz and material about basic algebra, the operation of algebra, FPB and KPK, and use problems algebra in life. There are three steps (modification from Borg & Gall design) in this research and development : 1) introducing and planning, 2) develop the product, and 3) implementation (validation, revision, experiment). GAMBAR (Game Aljabar) firstly validated by 2 media experts, 2 material experts, and 2 practitioners/teachers. And then, that product revised and 1st experiment (8 students) at MTs Wahid Hasyim Malang and 2nd experiment (27 students) at SMP Muhammadiyah 4 Malang. Based on percentage of validity, practicality, and effectiveness; the results: GAMBAR (Game Aljabar) fulfill validation’s criteria with average percentage 83,50%, practicality criteria with percentage 88,60%, and effectiveness criteria with average percentage of 88,23%. Thus, the product can be said feasible as mathematics learning media.

Key Words: GAMBAR (Game Aljabar), Algebra

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