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Character education is started by building and cultivating personal characters, consisting of the traits and values of patience, tolerance, great personality, ethicalness, forgivingness, care, politeness, humbleness, respectfullness, helpfulness.In addition,it concerns with the personality of having harmonious relationship with fellow man and showing religious trait as the reflection of human believing in One God.The nation characters constituting the traits and values, among others, are (1) patriotism (2) heroism, (3) nationalism (4) respect for (a) Red and White national flag, (b) national anthem and (5) commitment to: (a) Pancasila, (b) 1945 Constitution, and (c) Bhineka Tunggal Ika, (6) motivation to: (a) avoid instant gratification (b) avoid hedonism (c) avoid materialism (d) be visionary-oriented. The forms and tones of characters consist of:(1) dedication/selflessness reflected in the traits (a) patriotism, (b) nationalism, (c) heroism (d) dedication, (e) struggle; (2) loyalty: (a) respect for Red and White national flag, (b) national anthem and (c) commitment to:Bhineka Tunggal Ika; (3) social life (a) tolerance, (b) respect for others, (c) care, (d) forgivingness, (e) harmony, (f) humbleness, (g) helpfullness, etc.; (4)the foundation of nation and state life, i.e. (a) Pancasilaand (b) 1945 Constitution. Character Education is built based on personal and national characters through formal and non formal education and or workshop with the ultimate goal to create people having characters of: (1) commitment to the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia, Pancasila, 1945 Constitution, and Bhineka Tunggal Ika. (2) awareness in the nation and state of Republic of Indonesia, (3) patriotism, (4) nationalism, (5) heroism, (6) initiative, (7) creativity, (8)innovativeness,(9) having spirit to be ever onward,(10) having spirit to work perfectly. Evaluation and revitalization is conducted on the follow-up of character education. Evaluation concerns with the reflection on the personal and national characters. While revitalization is performed through formal and or non-formal education

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